“Trganje” Manifestation Officially Opens the Grape Harvesting Season in Konavle

On Friday, September 11, the popular event “Trganje” (harvesting) was organized by Agrotourism Konavle for the eight year in a row. The event symbolically marks the start of this year’s harvest of wine grapes with the goal of promoting Konavle as a wine-growing and wine-producing region.

In the serene ambiance of the Novaković family’s “Čilipi Village House” vineyards, numerous excited guests “plucked” the grapes, which were then processed in both the traditional and modern way. The program was additionally elevated by members of KUD Čilipi and young musicians in traditional Konavle apparel.

For the first time since this lovey tradition started, due to the current epidemiological situation, foreign tourists were not present at the event. However, Agrotourism Konavle cooperated with the Dubrovnik School of Tourism and Hospitality and gladly welcomed their third-grade students, treating them with an educational and fun afternoon.

Mister Đuro Pendo, winemaker from Konavle, is this years’ man in charge of making a barrel of wine from the grapes harvested at the event, which will then be opened and tasted at the opening of the “13th Scents of Christmas in Konavle” this December.