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TRUE TOGETHERNESS: All of Dubrovnik is Gathering Aid for People in the Earthquake-Stricken Areas

After a devastating 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck our country this Tuesday, several towns and villages in central Croatia were left in ruins.  And while the emergency crews, assisted by the military, searched the wreckage for survivors, people of Croatia showed all their love and humanity once again, and Dubrovnik was no exception.

Clothes, food, and hygiene supplies were collected throughout Dubrovnik and neighbouring municipalities, while countless fellow citizens offered accommodation to many people left homeless by this awful tragedy.

One of such places is the village of Mokošica in Dubrovnik, where supplies were collected in a van, which, as we were told in the field, was given to the Bethlehem Association from Dubrovnik by Miro Azinović from the company ‘Dena’. “Young people from Mokošica for Petrinja,” said the people from Mokošica, will send everything collected to the association Bethlehem from Sisak so that the help reaches those who need it the most.

The epicentre of the biggest quake in modern Croatian history was 44 kilometres southeast of our country’s capital, near the towns of Petrinja and Sisak, parts of which completely evaporated under the force of the Earth. The full extent of casualties is yet unknown, so far eight people were reported to have lost their lives, while dozens escaped fatal tragedy with serious wounds.

Photo:  Government of the Republic of Croatia
            Zvonimir Pandža/DuList