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Try Not to Laugh: A Sitcom Scene in the Middle of Stradun!

Few days ago we heard a lovely and funny story that happened on Stradun, so charming that we simply had to share it with you.

Many thanks to Maria Grazio, famous pianist from Dubrovnik, who shared this lovely story on her Facebook page, who depicted this story as we were there.


Macedonian tourist and charming old lady, owner of the book store in the middle of Stradun.


Few days ago, in front of the bookstore was a group of people, buzzing and wondering what’s going on. The commotion happened, and everybody was looking for the owner, charming old lady who left the store for the most brilliant reason ever!

She always, without exception, closes at the time when Turkish soap operas are on television, and goes across the street in the coffee bar to watch the episodes.

Since she was late for the episode, the other day she locked the store in hurry, running to catch the start. But, somebody stayed inside – a tourist. Poor guy, knocking at the door and windows, sit desperately in the store not knowing what to do, and occassionally calling people passing by to help him.

Finally, somebody found the lady! Coming to ‘the place of the crime’, she kept saying: ‘What happened, what happened?’, probably very upset since she missed the plot of that episode, and we do know how complicated the relationships in soap operas are!

Accompanied by the entourage of people, she unlocked the door and, whilst man started to argue, asked simply: ‘You didn’t touch anything in there, right?’ He didn’t understand a thing (of course)!

We laughed hard at this one, and we do agree with Marija Grazio, who wrote that little sparkles of life like this remind us at the old city life, where everyone behaved calmly, not thinking about the profit. This story gets the whole new dimension knowing that this lady keeps her store opened despite the modern times, where everyone thinks about the profit and tourism…