‘(Un)clear and Present Danger’: Dubrovnik Media Days Focused on ‘Terrorism, Media and Technology’

Dubrovnik media days (DMD) is an international scientific conference organized by the Department of Mass Media at the University of Dubrovnik, each year with different and important topics to discuss.

This year’s DMD has an strong and excruciating theme: ‘(UN)CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER – TERRORISM, MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY’, which was discussed today at the University of Dubrovnik.

The goal of the conference is to explore topics such as but not limited to: Framing of terrorism in new media, Reporting about terrorism attacks, Use of user-generated content in reporting about terrorism attacks, Use of technology for disseminating ideas of terrorism and extremism?, Terrorist’s propaganda especially via social media & technology, Media representations of terrorism especially Islamic forms (ISIS), Media representations of terrorist supporters especially young people, Media representations of government policies on terrorism, Government’s propaganda strategies for counter-terrorism, New trends and future of the field…

The conference venue was the Main Campus, and the program, which can be read here, continues this Saturday.