Video and Photo Gallery: Good Food Spiced up With Indian Style

‘Plenty of delicious meals you shouldn’t miss’ is the shortest description of the Good Food Festival, but especially its third day, when the ‘Spice Indian Style’ workshop was held.

Visitors enjoyed the exotic Indian cuisine at the hotel Palace this Saturday, with charming chef Stephen Lobo.


With the support of the Embassy of India in the Republic of Croatia, as a part of Good Food Festival, a presentation of Indian cuisine with a special touch of the extremely numerous and exotic spices was a thing to go for – especially knowing that Indian style kitchen is worldwide popular and rich in details, tastes, scents, colors…

One special guest today was mr. Sandeep Kumar, ambassador of India in Croatia,who invited people from Croatia and India to connect Goa and Dubrovnik, since we both have the same patron saint – St. Blaise!


Stephen Lobo is an established Indian chef with a German address, and the No. 1. chef for many Indian dignitaries when visiting Germany. He is also a DJ who is specialized in Indian music, so this Saturday’s food tasting was accompanied by typical sounds of this charming distant land.