Video: Famous Entrepreneur Zark Fatah Fell in Love With Dubrovnik

‘Dubrovnik was the first stop on our European trip this Summer. We didn’t have a plan, we did no research and arrived with zero expectations. With less than 24 hours there, I assumed it would be an uneventful one night stop over’, Zark Fatah, famous entrepreneur from Toronto, wrote on his official Facebook page.

Fatah is best known as a self made entrepreneur who has helped create and define the Canadian Entertainment scene. With over 20 years in the Hospitality & Nightlife industry he has created a diverse portfolio of businesses that include award winning restaurants, nightclubs, music festivals and other lifestyle focused companies. A concerned citizen and activist, Zark divides his time between overseeing his various businesses and a range of philanthropic activities, where he is actively involved. In 2011, Zark helped to establish the Artbound foundation, which in partnership with Free the Children has built schools in Kenya and India and most recently Nicaragua with Waves of Hope.

Other info written on his Facebook page is that his personal passions include photography, running, snowboarding, cycling, hiking and anything fitness and adventure related, and here is what he wrote, impressed with our charming town:


Dubrovnik. Didn’t know much about it and the little I knew was wrong. I was told it was a sleepy, boring town. I’m happy to say that information is wrong!

Cobble stone paths led to pristine mid-evil architecture and beautiful churches. And of course there’s the famous castle. Smiling locals were happy to see us enjoying their city. The hospitality was warm and authentic. We walked for hours getting lost in the winding streets and alleys.

When we wanted to see more, we explored the city by air taking in the incredible landscape and the breathtaking coastline of Croatia. We explored the old town from wall to wall discovering something new and interesting around every corner.

In our short time there we enjoyed vibrant restaurants in lively piazzas buzzing with tourists, families and locals.
We woke up the next day and still wanted more. With only a few hours left, we made a spontaneous decision to charter a private boat and explore the city by water. This adventure took us to some special places.

I’ve always believed a plan is a good thing when traveling, but sometimes you just have to dive in and let yourself get lost.

Of course, Fatah made a video impression about Dubrovnik, too! Video is shot and edited by ‘Film Freak’ Zachary Ramelan, famous director and writer. Check his work here