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Video: Lauren Lucio Does Hula Hooping All Around the World

Charming 28 yrs old Lauren Lucio, from Canada, is a true cosmopolitan – she visited Dubrovnik several days ago. That would be no news if Lauren wasn’t traveling with her hula hoops.

Using hula hoop and some great music, Lauren films herself all around, making short, breathtaking videos about all the countries she visited. With Lauren’s permission, here is one of those amazing videos from her YouTube channel.

Along with Dubrovnik, Croatia, Lauren visited, so far – New Zealand, Australia (she is currently the resident of Australia), America, Canada, Thailand, Malesia, Lao, Kambodia, Indonesia, Hungary, and after Croatia, she is heading to Slovenia.

She is constantly improving her skills and her videos are truly tremendous, as well as all those locations she visited. Even the one from Dubrovnik… As she wrote, the best kept secret in the world.