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Video & Photo Gallery: DU Motion, Day One!

Saturday in Dubrovnik was marked with two interesting events of this year’s Du Motion – Kid’s Day & attractive Run the Wall races. Luka Đurović  and Andrea Klečak were the fastest runners today, and we can’t wait to have fun again tomorrow, on the official main race of the Du Motion.

Dubrovnik’s Half Marathon story begun in 2015, with a vision to set Dubrovnik in motion. A somewhat bold idea, which eventually inspired the entire DU MOTION project, growing into a vigorous and vital international days-long sports and recreation event, comprising as much as 4 races: Dubrovnik Half Marathon, Run the Wall, 5K Citizens’ Race and Kids’ Day.

All of the listed is a result of the great dedication and enthusiasm of Dubrovnik Sports Federation, City of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Tourist Office. Read more here.