Video & Photo Gallery: ‘Everybody Dance Now!’

‘Everybody Dance Now’, final production of the dance studio Step& Jazz from Dubrovnik was held in our cinema ‘Sloboda’. An evening full of dance and singing was a true little spectacle for Dubrovnik audience! Everybody was enjoying the choreography little dancers prepared.

For dance studio Step&Jazz, this was one of the most successful years. In this dance season they competed in the national competitions to qualify for the World Cup and qualified in no less than 14 choreographies!

Also , they performed in the finals of the Croatian very popular Supertalent show, so we can say that truly, this was a very good year for them.

Dance Studio Step&Jazz successfully works in Dubrovnik more than ten years, bringing together a large number of children and young people with the aim of spreading dance culture. They are providing dance training in ballet, show dance, jazz dance, step and hip-hop.