Video & Photo Gallery: The Force of Nature

Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service published a warning note in Dubrovnik Neretva County. No wonder, since at the very beginning of the week the strongest wind strikes – 142 km/h – was measured!

The bad weather will continue until the end of the week, but with yellow markings, meaning ‘the weather is potentially dangerous’, unlike today’s red warning.

As DHMZ team wrote, maximum wind gusts are 35-75 knots or 65 to 140 km/h. Read the warnings, stay @ home  and enjoy our videos & photo gallery…

The weather is very dangerous and implies high level of threat to health, even the life hazard, especially for mariners. There is also a significant risk of coastal infrastructure damages as well. Be aware and pay attention to the latest weather updates. The public are advised to avoid travel and stay away from endangered coastal areas. It is very likely that ferries will not operate so follow traffic information.