Video: You Should Include Lokrum in Your 2018 Summer Plan

In about two weeks the new season for Lokrum island visitors and lovers will start. Lokrum team published some news and updates. From March 31st, first ship to island will leave @ 10 am from the Old City Port, and the last one (from the island) will go @ 4 pm.

There’s also a new price list for this season. This year tickets will cost 150 kuna, app. 20 euro and the price for groups is 120 kuna per person. Kids’ ticket is 25 kuna. Children will have its own day @ Lokrum – the Easter chocolate egg hunt with the hare mascot. The big hare will come to Stradun on April 1st, and after that visit the children @ the General Hospital.

Lokrum Main Photo

Here you can see the map, news and the price list, following the other useful information about this little paradise on Earth.