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Vlaho Bukovac – one of Croatia’s greatest painters

Vlaho Bukovac (4 July 1855, Cavtat – 23 April 1922, Prague) was a Croatian painter. Bukovac was born as Biagio Faggioni in the town of Cavtat near of Dubrovnik. Bukovac received his primary artistic education in Paris. When he came to Paris his small studies and sketches delighted his professor, the well-known Alexandre Cabanel, and Bukovac became a student at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts.

He painted in the spirit of embellished, “sweetened” realism and achieved great success at the Salons, at that time the place of the greatest review of works related to the arts. By following the artistic fashion of the public, he imbued it predominantly with his themes. Besides being an artist who followed the established canons dictated by the Salon and the general public, he followed his own inner impulses of artistic creation. Liberated artistic expression, which was called Impressionism, developed in the spirit of the artists who kept gathering in modernism-oriented marginal galleries in Paris in the 1870s. He knew the spirit of academism and, on the other hand, he felt the spirit of Impressionistic freedom. Having accepted modern principles, Bukovac painted casual pictures, using liberated strokes of the brush, in the pointillist technique.

The Bukovac House, as part of the Museums and Galleries of Konavle, was reopened to the public in 2004.

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Bukovčeva 5,
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