Volotea Airline is Connecting Dubrovnik with Seven European Destinations

Volotea, the Spanish low-cost airline, is planning 14 seasonal flights from France, Italy, and Greece to two Croatian airports (Dubrovnik and Split), according to the summer flight schedule starting at the end of March, Croatian Aviation writes.

Although the company planned even more lines to Dubrovnik and Split, they were postponed due to the global pandemic. The three previously announced lines will not be in operation this year either, and it is assumed that they will not be launched in the near future.

Nevertheless, the summer flight program to Croatia looks significantly better compared to the realized flights from 2021, although the company has confirmed that reductions (or increases) in the announced schedule are still possible, depending on the global pandemic that directly affects passenger demand.

This summer, Volotea plans to travel from Dubrovnik to:

Lyon, from April16, twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday)
Nantes, from April 9, three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)
Bordeaux, from April 16, twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday)
Toulouse, from April 23, twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday)
Marseille, from April 9, twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday)
Bari, from July 6, once a week (Wednesday)
Athens, from May 29, twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday)


Photo:  volotea-digital