Volunteer Action Day

Župa’s park between Srebreno and Mlini is to get a new summer stage thanks to a project organised by local volunteers. The stage will take the form of a traditional meeting point known as a guvno, be made of stone and circular in shape.  The park already benefits from beautiful promenades, fantastic sea views and a modern children’s play area but the addition of a summer stage is something that has been much needed for years. The project has come about with the help of the Timberland apparel company who will be sending a team of volunteers from their delegation arriving in Dubrovnik later on this month. The local council and charity organisation ‘Thank You For Existing’ have worked together to put together the project with volunteers from the local area doing the ground work this Saturday.

The stage will be co-financed by the local council and Timberland and is expected to be finished on November 21st. The stage will provide a permanent solution to the logistical problems encountered every year when the area hosts a one day rock festival, Puntižela, as well as a children’s concert. The hope is that with a permanent stage, regular events and concerts will be organised and take place in the beautiful park, providing a richer offer for tourists and residents alike.

The action on Saturday was captured by Antun Žeravica.