Water polo players and Helen Doron together for the children’s home Maslina

Helen Doron Learning Centre in collaboration with the water polo club Jug CO has organized a charity sale of T-shirts in order to gather some donations for ‘Maslina’, the Home for Children and Young Adults without the parental care.

It was also the opportunity to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Helen Doron Learning Method. Thus, water polo players Bijac Marko, Marko Ivankovic, Toni Popadic Batina, Ante Viskovic, Loren Fatovic, Marko Bucolic and Nikola Pavlicevic, accompanied by coach Vjekoslav Kobescak and Milo Smodlaka, went to Helen Doron Learning Centre in Dubrovnik. The youngest students were delighted with their arrival, and they joyfully joined in the sale of T-shirts for a humanitarian purpose.

Students have had the opportunity to learn about this method the by its creator Helen Doron herself. She arrived in Dubrovnik together with over 500 franchise owners and teachers from all around the world so that they could attend the annual conference there. The conference will be held in Dubrovnik’s Sun Garden until the 29th of March. During the conference, Helen Doron group will submit a donation to the Children’s Home Maslina. Helen Doron has been one of the world’s leading educators since 1985. She developed a special method of introducing and teaching English language to babies, children and teenagers aged from 3 months to 19 years. Helen Doron Educational Group is now present in 35 countries on over 800 locations, and in Croatia it has been present since 2009, at 20 locations throughout the country.