Waves of Yellow Flowers: Spanish Broom or Simply ‘Žuka’

If you’re in Dubrovnik area these days, you have probably noticed lovely yellow bushes all around. That is ‘spartium junceum‘, also known as ‘Spanish broom’ or ‘Weavers’ Broom. We like to call it ‘žuka’.

This charming plant grows all around in bushes approximately 2 meters high, but can grow up to 4, 5 meters as well. This plant is native to the Mediterranean in southern Europe, but also can be found in southwest Asia and northwest Africa, always in the sun, and on dry and sandy soils.

It has very small, ‘pea-like’ flowers, that can grow up only for centimeter or two.

Interesting thing about this plant is that in late summer, the legumes or seed pods mature black and reach 8 to 10 cm long. They burst open, often with an audible crack, spreading seed from the parent plant.

Until then, enjoy the beauty of small, sun colored flowers!