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WE COULD HARDLY WAIT: Advent Cottages Have Returned, and With Them the Holiday Atmosphere

The eighth Dubrovnik Winter Festival has officially started. The first Advent candle, the candle of hope, now stands lit in front of Rectors palace, its light bringing hope to our hearts in these times when we need it the most. And although there was no official ceremony for the lighting of the first Advent candle and the concert of Neno Belan & Fiumens was postponed due to horrible weather conditions in the City, there was no shortage of people or good atmosphere. To the great satisfaction of our citizens, the Advent cottages have returned. The people of Dubrovnik rushed to mingle beneath the light heaters enjoying the vast and delicious Advent offer. Each cottage has put together an exciting menu in which everyone can find something to enjoy, and according to the photos our photographer Zvonimir took last night, they most certainly did!

Photo: Zvonimir Pandža