Weather Forecast: Rainy and Windy until Wednesday

After a relatively long period of dry and above-average warm weather, the change is coming. For a short period of time we will freeze again, with a lot of rain, some lightening and thunderstorms as well. The air temperature throughout Croatia will fall, somewhere for more than 10 degrees Celsius. Sometimes there will be lightning and thunder, and in some places a storm with a hailstorm is possible. The southern wind will be replaced by moderate, transient and strong north and northeast winds.

From Wednesday to Saturday the weather will stabilize and will again be sunny, warm and moderate, but note that the mornings will be colder, with the possibility of morning frost in some parts of the country. The Meteoalarm issued a yellow alert for the Dubrovnik area on Tuesday, with the note:

Strong jugo (SE wind), in the evening in turning to bura (NE wind) maximum gust speed 40-90 km/h. STAY ALERT for debris carried by strong winds. Debris and tree branches carried by the wind may cause localised interruptions in outdoor activities.