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‘Well – O -Live’ Project Promotes Our Olive Oil Throughout European Union

‘Well – O – Live’ is a project made by European Union, currently being carried out on the island of Korčula by the Regional Development Agency DUNEA, to promote this significant destination for olives and olive oil.

The aim is to promote the whole island for rural supply for original ‘Korcula olive oil’ at EU level. In cooperation with the tourist boards on the island, data on rural supply, cultural and natural attractions, museums, gastronomy, accommodation, events, travel agencies and mills and supply of olive oil is collected.

After mapping follows the creation of tourist packages on the basis of data collected by the project partners, and the promotion will be in charge of the famous blogger to its video offerings by all partner countries to promote tourism with a link ‘olive oil’ on the blog.

The project ‘Well – O – Live’ – European roads olives to relaxation and health, is co-financed through the European Union’s program COSMO and it aims to create a tourism product based on olive oil, interweaving education and entertainment while creating a rural destination more attractive, livelier and more valuable for the investment.

The idea is to encourage the development of economies via better and more professional marketing approach to the market. This is why the workshop ‘Experience Lab WellOlive’ will be held in Hotel Lero in Dubrovnik on December 8th and 9th, and this is an unconventional way to access the topics of design, management and innovation in the promotion of tourism products which offer additional experience.

This practical workshop is focused on the culture and tradition of olive oil, and is intended for service providers in the tourism industry, local operators, policy makers and students.

‘Well-O-Live project’ is building a transnational network that connects eight private and public actors from seven European countries: Bulgaria, Croatian, Finland, Greece, France, Italy and Spain.