What To Do in Dubrovnik? Eat Some Seafood and Try Some Croatian Wine

We know that Dubrovnik is the theme of many articles and blogs written all over the world, but every new post or publication equally pleases us. So we were really happy when we found the blog called ‘Amy and the Great World’ written by an American professor of English who lives in the beautiful city of Budapest. Amy visited our town last summer, and she made a list of her favourite 7 things you can do in Dubrovnik. Here is what she said…

1. Have a Game of Thrones Moment

2. Kayak Around the Walls

3. Have a Drink at Buza (or Buza II)

4. Explore the Back Alleys

5. Take in the Lively Evenings Streets

6. Take a Ferry to an Island

7. Eat Some Seafood and Try Some Croatian Wine–With a View–at a Local Home.