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While Waiting the Tonight’s Match Croatia-Czech on UEFA: Meet Zdenek, the Czech Living in Dubrovnik!

Today at 6 pm is a big, big game for Croatia – we are playing against Czech Republic Team on UEFA Euro 2016 in Saint Etienne.

While waiting, we took a walk around and met one very nice Czech, mr. Zdenek Opolzer, who works in Dubrovnik for a while.
‘It is hard for me to say which country I like more, but, my heart beats for my country, my homeland!’, says Opolzer, stating that he’s ’50 percent Czech, 50 percent from Croatia’ – his mother is from Split! Opolzer lives on Pelješac peninsula near Dubrovnik.

Asked about Czech team, Opolzer was very honest.

‘I don’t believe much in our team.. The best players, Čech and Rosicky are already old, and Rosicky was badly injured during the last game. I think we won’t go far on this Cup’, he said to Just Dubrovnik team.

He is going to watch the game while working in Marina in Gruž, with his colleague Standa, also from Czech Republic. Both of them recalled the ‘golden age’ of their country’s football and the greatest player – Antonin Panenka, famous for his score goal in 1976, when Czech team became the champion of the Europe.

Tko ne skače ne ni Czech, hop hop hop!’, Zdenek sang the famous Czech fans’ song, saying ‘Hoshi to Toho!’ roughly translated as ‘Go, go!’.