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„White-headed radical move“ by Maro Mitrović

Nearly a year after his exhibition in Flora Gallery comes his new solo one…

Finally Maro fits his real skin and constantly works on building the actual image from the previous one in a fierce series.

His creative lethargy is surpassed by rejecting his comprehensiveness and focusing on his strengths in one. In his own words what he does is not his personal painting with pasty layers, dots and the rest that gives away the author’s hand: last winter he stopped his off-and-on work and enthusiastically engaged in the newly discovered gift – SYNESTHESIA!

Maro discovers that the sounds of his consciousness create forms and he breathlessly paints his sonic phantoms. Continuously working without any stops his creative reservoir increases its capacity becoming the universe of forms and colour blends. Mitrović plugs in that space and subdues all his inner self waiting for the new form that awaits its realization.

This is how his works come out and instead of painting a dot, a stroke, or a layer, he uses HARD EDGE method thus annihilating the personal touch of the author related to traditional painting. Although he uses wood stains a lot, his layers are invisible and thin, and the polished lacquered surface literally plays the role of the computer screen surface. His paintings no more represent „something“ either as a metaphor or as anything else. There are no more hidden meanings or allegories. They are the entities that are a fierce representation of themselves. Like Japanese SUMI-E drawings that are not representation of nature but nature itself, Maro’s works are materialized abundance and not its mere representation.