Winter Schedule by Libertas Dubrovnik City Transport

With the beginning of the October, the public city transport lines also change, especially the schedule of the 1A, 1B, 4, 6 and 8 – the most frequent lines.

Line 1A and 1B (Mokošica-Pile_Mokošica)

From 8am to 8pm departures are every 10 minutes and after 8 pm every 15 minutes.

The peak hours on these lines were provided with additional assistance, while the last departures remained unchanged.

Line 4 (Hotel Palace, Lapadski Dvori)

After 3 pm the departure frequency will be from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

Line 6 (Lapad-Pile-Lapad)

From 4pm to 6pm departures will be every 15 minutes, and from 6pm to 8pm every 10 minutes. From 8 pm, the line will travel every 15 minutes.

Line 8 (Viktorija-Pile-Gruž-Viktorija…)

This line goes every 30 minutes, and after 8.40 pm every 45 minutes.

There are no changes in the last departures.

These changes apply to weekdays, weekends and public holidays, and the timeline is also available for download.