Winter variation of the Summer Festival in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s first Winter Festival will cover all from artificial snow and ice skating ring in the historical core of Dubrovnik, to concerts of classical and modern music and even further beyond all that. That is what was revealed at the press conference in the mayor City Hall of Dubrovnik.
According to Mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic, this festival should enriched the lives of residents as well as attract up to three times more guests to Dubrovnik during winter time.
‘The paramount of this festival is to offer entertainment to the citizens of Dubrovnik and to offer them entire content on one location’, Vlahusic stated while adding that his goal is also to increase number of tourists that visit Dubrovnik in winter.
‘We decided to organize the first Dubrovnik Winter Festival taking place from the first week of Advent until the first Sunday after Epiphany. This is a pioneer endeavor, similar to the one 65 years ago when we started with the Summer Games’, Dubrovnik’s Mayor said. He also clarified that this programme will not be held within the scope of one institution, like it was the case with Summer Games, but it will rather be a mosaic, a correlation between the City and the Tourist Board of Dubrovnik.
‘The investment for the winter progamme to follow next year will be up to 20 million Kuna which is 8 million Kuna more than the Dubrovnik Summer Games have in their budget’, Vlahusic pointed out and revealed that this years budget for the Winter Games was around 1,5 million Kuna.
As an elaboration Vlahusic announced additional few festivals for next winter, that will be held within the, by then, already established Winter Festival. One of the festivals will be the Festival of Light. This year´s festival covers about 127 events during its 40 days of duration.
‘Expect something you haven´t seen before. The city will be adorned like an angel and together with the Mayor I would like to invite everyone to a dance’, Vice-Mayor Zeljko Raguz added in conclusion.