Wonderful reception of golden water polo players at Stradun

Water polo players returning with gold medals from the Olympics in London were received magnificently as only people of Dubrovnik can do it. They entered Stradun in convertibles, wrapped in Croatian flags and St. Blaise’s flag they took to Londonas well.

Nikša Dobud, Andro Bušlje, Maro Joković, Frano Vićan, Paulo Obradović, Miho Bošković and Elvis Fatović made their way singing their hymn „Poljubi zemlju po kojoj hodaš“ through fully packed Stradun with emotion and pride erupting when they reached St. Blaise’s Church.

– I cannot feel my legs. You made me the happiest man on Earth. Long liveDubrovnik, said the best centre player in the world, Nikša Dobud.

– This is what every child dreams of when he takes on sport. It is well worth all the efforts, my dreams have come true, said Frano Vićan to the crowd. Elvis Fatović was obviously happy and excited.

Words of happiness and gratitude were spoken by each and every golden player from Jug. After the champagne, the festivity continued with popular scores sang by Jasmin Stavros.