Tradition and people

World Tourism Day celebrated with music and Mussel Festivity

Dubrovnik celebrated World Tourism Day with two different events – Stradun hosted a concert of vocal group Maestral and a traditional sales exhibition of jams and marmalades.

Another celebration was the traditional Mussels Festivity on Prijeko street. Namely, to celebrate World Tourism Day, the traditional Mussel Festivity is prepared by some really skilled chefs and nine restaurants, who showed their culinary artistry. Stewed mussels, mussel risottos, mussel spaghetti, mussel soup, breaded and baked mussels, and mussels a la Dubrovnik… The eight Dubrovnik restaurants participated in the festival: Stara loza, Antunini, Moby Dick, Captain, Ragusa 2, Wanda, Moskar i Sebastian.