Young people from Dubrovnik found and returned a wallet with 6000 Euro

What would you do if you found a wallet and 6000 Euro in it? Do not have to answer… Two young people from Dubrovnik, waiters in a cafe in Uvala Lapad, found a wallet on Sunday and returned it to their owners, a married couple from Italy. There was 6000 Euro in it!

Paula found a wallet on the table and with Stijepo waited for the owners to come and get it. Since they were not coming that evening, Paula took the wallet home in order to keep it safe. The next morning, the Italian couple came to the cafe looking for their wallet and the money. Stijepo sent them to Paula. When they received the wallet back, they could not believe everything was there.

The young girl from Dubrovnik, surprised by sudden interest of media for her, modestly said only that she is enormously taken aback by such an attention. She mentioned that the Italian couple expressed their gratitude by giving 50 Euro each.