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Youngest Olympic Medal Winner, Marko Macan: ‘We Played as One in Rio’

‘First of all, our result is excellent, an silver medal is a great success, we did our best’, says water polo defender Marko Macan for Olympics water polo representation,  stating that our national team would be satisfied even with a bronze medal.

‘I could describe this experience it was simply – a miracle. In fact, to be there is indescribable; Olympic Village, all these people, our athletes, this positive energy and collective pride… That is something that lead us to all our medals, not just water polo ones’, he continues, ‘we celebrated all our medals and successes together’.

Hundred Croatian athletes lived, worked, ate, practiced together, and though they never met each other before (some of them), they quickly skipped those barriers and enjoyed their time together.

‘We were like one big family’, says Marko, who is very satisfied with his performances, especially after a fist surgery he had in May.

Marko is fully engaged when working, always giving 100 percent of himself in the pool. He never have singled out one man when in pool. In an interview for Just Dubrovnik, he said simply: ‘We were a team in Rio. We fought for one another, and this was the key to success.’

Marko Macan Olympics

Members of the Olympics water polo team from Dubrovnik:

Xavi Garcia, Marko Bijač, Sandro Sukno, Andro Bušlje, Marko Macan, Maro Joković