Yuya Matsuo: Dubrovnik is like a photographer’s dream place

Yuya Matsuo is an photographer from Tokyo, Japan who lives in different places, cities, states, collecting impressive photo galleries during his exploring of the world, a thing he has been doing for the past eight years.

Since 2013 he is living in Europe, and so far, he’s visited 26 countries. Croatia as well! He has been living in Dubrovnik during the November 2015, and he was more than happy to share the impressions about living in our lovely city with Just Dubrovnik.

During your stay in Dubrovnik, what impressed you most? Where did you live, at which part of the town?
I saw the gallery in the old town about restoration of Dubrovnik after Yugoslav Wars. I was amazed how people got together to rebuild their town in such a short time. It really shows local people’s strong devotion and love towards their town.

I stayed the area just under the Fortress Lovrjenac. It was only few steps from the small port and only few minutes from the old town. It was a convenient location to explore the town.

Dubrovnik 7

What are the motives you were looking for photos during your stay and are those the usual motives you photograph?
I always want to send a positive message through my photos. And I would like to capture the unique moment in the scene that no one can duplicate. Because Dubrovnik is photographed quite a lot, I was extra careful not to take same old photos of the town.

What do you think about our town as an ‘photo model’?
It is like a photographer’s dream place. Well preserved Old Town with Sea coast, hills, and mountains. I just loved taking photos in Dubrovnik. It’s one of the best places in the world to photograph.

Dubrovnik 8

Compared to other cities you were living in, what is the best and the worst thing you’ve experienced?
When the bura hit the town, I went up the old town wall. It was so windy and I got some water splashes on the camera even at height of the wall, but I got the best photos during my stay in Dubrovnik. And it was definitely the most unique experience I had in the town.

The worst thing that happened to me was when I got up Srđ hill at sunset time. I decided to go down the hill by foot. The view was beautiful and I don’t regret that I did, but I didn’t know that there are no lights on the hill after it gets dark. About the halfway down the hill, it was almost pitch black. I walked down the hill only with the light of my smartphone. I still cannot believe I didn’t get hurt.

Dubrovnik 2

Which one is your favorite city/state you were living in?
Split. Split is the place I started to learn photography and travel. Split and Croatia will always be my special place.

Do you plan to turn back to Dubrovnik some day?
Of course, I hope to go back there sometime soon.

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