A Must-See Exhibition: Dressers Through Centuries

Having a winter break in Dubrovnik? We recommend visiting interesting exhibition ‘Dressers through centuries: Furniture from Dubrovnik Cultural and Historical Museum Collection’, opened in Rector’s Palace until March 2019 by director of Dubrovnik Museums, Pavica Vilać.

Dressers Through Centuries 3

Dressers were, through time, symbol of prestige, and this exhibition consists of 25 of them from the fundus of the Cultural and Historical Museum as well as some from private collections. This makes it a unique opportunity to see the exhibited specimens because some of them are usually located in the depot.

Dressers Through Centuries 9


Exhibition represents the development of the dressers through centuries, more precisely from the 17th to the 19th century. The most prominent examples are those from the 18th century when the dressers were a special part of the fashion trends of the time. Ones that can be seen in Dubrovnik Museums are mostly bought by Museums, but some were gifts, especially after WWII – built by Italian masters from Venice, Naples, Genoa and Sicily.