A New Visual Identity for Dubrovnik Neretva Tourist Board

The Tourist Board of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County selected a new visual identity of the Dubrovnik Neretva Tourist Board, ie Dubrovnik Riviera. The selection of the new sign was preceded by a thorough preparation of the competition with the Croatian Society of Designers, the publication and implementation of the public invitation tender and selection of the best solutions to the competition.

New Logo Tourist Board 2

The best work, according to the evaluation of the Jury of the Competition for the Design of Visual Identity of the Dubrovnik Neretva County Tourist Board, was the work AMBLEM by the Prospekt team from Rijeka (Nikola Šubić, Martina Vasilj and Mile Kušić).

After the agreement with the Dubrovnik Neretva County Tourist Board, the author’s team made the award-winning work and made several different ideas. In relation to the award-winning work, the only thing to change was the name ‘Dubrovnik & AROUND’, replaced with ‘Dubrovnik Riviera / Dubrovnik Riviera’. The sign / logo remains unchanged.

New Logo Tourist Board 3

The selected visual identity is based on symbols such as sun, the walls, the ship, the agricultural products, the islands and the sea / water and they are associated with graphs, linear forms that, combined with the leading design, make a complete story.