Tradition and people

All Saints’ Day in Dubrovnik

All those who have not yet visited the graves of their ancestors for marking of ‘All Saints’ Day, could visit the market in Gruz where among a multitude of flowers you can still find something for your loved ones who passed away.

At the market you can take in colors of all kinds of chrysanthemums, gerbera and roses, whose prices vary from 10 to 200 kuna. We must admit that all arrangements are really interesting and imaginative.

On the occasion of the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls’ Day, many citizens will, as a remembrance of the dead, visit cemeteries and therefore the number of police on the streets will significantly increase. It will ensure maximum safety.

Police are calling all drivers and pedestrians for increased caution as well. This way, via observance of traffic laws and mutually tolerant behavior, they will personally contribute to this important day of the dead, and make sure in passes in peace and dignity.