Amazing Event on Porporela tonight!

16th July is traditionally celebrated as the day of Our Lady of Carmel. Big celebration The Night of Porporela will be held tonight in organization of the non-profit organization bearing the same.

Kick-off event will definitely be Merry Pirates Parade which begins at Porporela a bit after 8pm moving from Karmen near Rector’s Palace, continuing along Široka Street and along Stradun back to Porporela. The parade will be led by new Rector that will be elected today by the Senate of the Republic of Porporela. It is not known yet who will have the honor to replace Rector Mark The Englishman, after serving out the last two years, but there are huge expectations that the new rector will bring hope to his merry folk.

After a new rector is inaugurated and after his first speech to the folk, a big celebration takes place around 9pm, celebration of song and dance, sweepstakes and the highlight of the event is the performance of band Porporela Sexy Show Band which begins at midnight!