American actor Peter MacNicol holidaying in Dubrovnik

American actor Peter MacNicol, famous for his parts in hit series ‘Ally McBeal’, as well as the hit film ‘Sophie’s Choice’ is holidaying in Dubrovnik.

MacNicol, who is visiting Dubrovnik with his wife Martha Sue, is best known for his role as the eccentric lawyer John Cage in cult series ‘Ally McBeal’ as well as notable roles in ‘Numb3rs’, 24, ‘Boston Legal’ and ‘Chicago Hope’.

His most famous film role came with Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline in the hit movie ‘Sophie’s Choice’. Film roles followed in ‘Ghostbusters 2’ and in ‘Mr. Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie’.

The American star seemed unconcerned with being recognised and relaxed as he explored the City with his wife today, choosing not to wearing dark sunglasses or a hat like many of his famous counterparts when on holiday in Dubrovnik.

Source: duList