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LUMIART 2022: Festival of Lights in Dubrovnik

Visitors Will Also be Able to Actively Participate

Dubrovnik joins the list of European and world cities that organize the festival of lights. Lumiart 2022 will present its light installations and projections inside the walls at several locations. Local companies Pixel dizajn, RHM and Loop, will be accompanieed by the members of Visualija from Pula, artist Litemotif from Zagreb and a team from Hungary, which is already indispensable at almost all European light festivals. They are coming to Dubrovnik to present their light creations within this two-day festival which brings 3D mapping projections, slide projector projections, light installations, and real time 3D mapping every day from 6.30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Visitors will also be able to actively participate in the festival – several interactive installations will be exhibited, where visitors will be able to create and change the projected content themselves. From the festival program, the projection ‘1700 years of St. Blaise’ is surely highlighted, and will be shown at the Cathedral, every day of the festival at 19:30, 20:30 and 21:30.

Lumiart 2022 concept is a two-day event that deals with the presentation of audio-visual technologies and their implementation in urban spaces with the aim of raising awareness of contemporary approaches to art using innovative technologies. Through interdisciplinarity and diversity, the theme of the manifestation is to encourage communication among young, unestablished artists on a local, national and international level, emphasizing the City as a starting point and an example of the fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary art and technology.
The trend of light festivals has been present on the world map for a long time. They started about ten years ago, and in the last few years this trend has been particularly pronounced, so that 45 of them have been announced for this year in Europe alone.

Entrance to all events in Dubrovnik is free.