Animation from Dubrovnik’s Past: Let’s Take a Walk in Gundulić’s Family Mansion!

Stipan Ujdur is a 63 -year-old retiree from Opuzen who does amazing animation video models of Croatian attractions. Most of his work (over 120 models) is included in Google Earth offer.

His latest work is the animation of renaissance garden inside the Gundulić’s family summer mansion, and he was more than happy to share the video with Just Dubrovnik team!

The camera walks through the inside part of the mansion – the garden, paths and stairs to the upper part, followed by a virtual pass to the lower level, with the amazing details, such as grapes, wine, decorative plants… This animation is made for almost a month, and the last scene is great Gundulić himself.

Stipan did the animation in Netherlands, in the studio in Arnhem, in collaboration with Martin van der Meijde who did rendering. Stipan made some photographs designed as old postcards to be used as a promotion of Dubrovnik to our guests and visitors and he wants to offer them to the Touristic Board of Dubrovnik.