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Art Gallery Flight 777 Presents a New Generation of Young Artists of Dubrovnik

An exhibition which presents all the young visual artists from Dubrovnik was opened in the studio ‘Flight 777’ yesterday. ‘This initial exhibition is in fact a review, and my wish was to gather all the artists whose art is about Dubrovnik. After this one, we are going to organise another exhibition, in the spring next year. It is going to present many authors and the best one among them will have the opportunity to go to the residency program in Canada, Quebec. – said Bozidar Jurjevic, owner of the Flight 777.

Current exhibition shows works of Pera Mrnarevic, Tina Vukasovic, Mia Marija Skoda & Nikolina Japuncic (diobanaoba), Mara Suljak, Borko Vukosav, Nora Mojas, Lena Kramaric, Ivana Miloglav, Lee Buratovic, Livia Maricic, Wanda Mitrovic and Naomi Cotic.

The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday every day from 5 pm to 9 pm , and it can be viewed until October 23rd.

Otherwise, it is interesting to add that the name ‘Flight 777’ was created at a time when Jurjevic had the studio at the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, and he lived at the number 7 where the studio was located as well.