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Art vs. Vandalism: The Passage in Cilipi became a street art gallery

Very useful and interesting action was organised last summer in Cilipi. House Bukovac (Museums and Galleries of Konavle) gathered young artists from Konavle who painted old, destroyed passage.

Twelve authors participated in this action: Anita Trojanovic, Irena Stanovic, Nikola Sturica, Jacov Piplica, Luksa Klaic, Ivo Letunic, Niksa Stanovic,Petra Sturica, Pero Novakovic, Franko Lucic, Antonio Boksic, and Maris Stanovic.

This passage had been completely destroyed: walls were completely covered with graffiti, signatures and derogatory terms. Before its decorations this location was considered as extremely uncomfortable, unattractive and ugly place in the centre of Cilipi. But after young authors expressed their creativity on its walls it was transformed into a gallery with great works of young artists.

‘Reactions of locals and passersby were fantastic. Everyone was glad that we solved this problem’ said Maris Stanovic, the coordinator of the project.

‘We left just one inscription that we found among others. It says ‘What is one ordinary day to us; it is something you can only dream of’, and it completes the wall as a memorabilia of the past; part of our gratitude to all these vandals whose ‘work’ we destroyed with our art‘, added Maris.