Cadmos Village: A perfect place for an adrenaline kick and relaxation in nature

Cadmos Village Park is a pride of Konavle. Year after year, this adventure park satisfies the curiosity of many tourists and locals who are interested in having a good time up in the air. Its creator Zoran Ateljevic explained for Just Dubrovnik what this park offers to its visitors.
‘The park has three levels. The first level is one meter high, and it is intended for children. The second level is four meters high, and the third is from six to ten meters. We have three zip-line services. A series of cables will get you to the red mat where the fall ends’, says Zoran.
Even though this sounds dangerous, Zoran assures us that the safety of the adrenalin park is on a maximum level.

‘You won’t go down without a helmet and a belt that keeps you safe in case of a fall. We also use hooks and carabiners that can carry two and a half tons; Cables could hold up to 2200 pounds. And people wear gloves all the time’, explains Zoran adding that the length of the longest zip-line is about eighty meters.
‘Park is made for all those who like to fly but also those who just want to enjoy nature. Except for the ‘free fall’ Village offers more hiking and climbing, mountain biking, paintball, restaurant full of delicacies and much.