Cavtat – the hidden jewel near Dubrovnik

If you are looking for a great holiday in a small place but you want to stay near Dubrovnik, consider Cavtat as your ideal destination. Why? Cavtat is charming little town located not even 20 km from Dubrovnik and has a slightly more easy-going atmosphere compared to Dubrovnik.

It is a developed area with lots of tourist infrastructure, untouched nature and rich local culture. Cavtat also has rich gastronomy and heritage, fine wines, traditional food.

From the end of June till the end of August Cavtat organizes a manifestation called ‘Summer in Cavtat’ with lots of events. There’s plenty of things to do in Cavtat. Visit Cavtat archipelago islands Mrkan, Bobara and Supetar and go diving in the morning. Why? Because Cavtat is the largest underwater site for atmphoras in the Mediterranean!

If you are not a diving fan you can grab a breakfast in one of the many restaurants in Cavtat and head out for a morning swim, or rent a boat, kayak or bike. You know what’s cool about Cavtat? Everything’s beach! Cavtat is almost completely surrouned by the sea and on your way to the ice cream store you can have a swim or two if you like. Old city of Cavtat is located on the Rat peninsula where you can find plenty of small secluded beaches that you can easily turn into private…

Cavtat is located only 5 km from the Dubrovnik airport therefore it is connected with the world. It’s also well connected with Dubrovnik bus lines. You can’t miss “Libertas” orange bus number 10 that departs every 30 minutes from Cavtat main bus station located at the entrance to the old city. Another attractive way to travel Cavtat – Dubrovnik and vice versa is by boat.

Just Dubrovnik/Elite.hr