Tradition and people

Christmas Celebration in Dubrovnik

The Mediterranean, tradition and the warmth of old customs are the main characteristics of the holiday season in Dubrovnik. The beautiful lights and decorations bring out Dubrovnik’s magical beauty even more, with the reflection of Christmas lights on the cobbled streets and trees ‘dressed’ in glistening lights, but perhaps most of all, the holidays bring out the Christmas spirit of kindness, peace and contentment which blankets UNESCO’s city, making it even more of a gem.

‘Good evening, we knock …’ is the opening verse of a traditional type of Christmas carol called the Dubrovnik ‘kolenda’. One can smell the traditional Christmas donuts ‘prikle’ and the pastry ‘hrostule’ being prepared in traditional hearths, as laurel wreaths are wrapped around entrances as a sign of welcoming and bitter oranges ripen in the Renaissance gardens.


Christmastime Dubrovnik offers visitors and residents a true winter fairytale – workshops on preparing traditional desserts, entertainment for kids, performances by traditional festive concert ensembles and choirs…

That it how we celebrated this Christmas, with Kolenda, prayers, delicious food, happiness and joy.