Don’t Know What to do on a Rainy Day? A Trip to Cavtat Sounds Like a Great Idea

On days like this, when it’s cloudy and rainy, the best thing is to make a small trip to the places near Dubrovnik.

One of those perfect gems is Cavtat, lovely town near Dubrovnik, where you can take a walk on a lovely promenade, enjoy the view, relax or even swim in a mildly colder sea than yesterday.

Cavtat is 15 kilometers or 9 miles south of Dubrovnik and is the center of the Konavle municipality. This very popular tourist destination has many hotels and private households, and the seafront has many lovely restaurants to grab some snacks, or enjoy your dinner in a good company.

A ferry boat connects the town to neighbouring Mlini and Dubrovnik. There are often many private luxury ships and yachts along the strand to enjoy the view :)

One of the most important things Cavtat has is the town cemetery, which contains a mausoleum belonging to the Račić family, decorated by the sculptor Ivan Meštrović, so make sure to visit this amazing place.

Ho to get to Cavtat from Dubrovnik? If you’re not with the car, take a bus number 10 (Dubrovnik – Cavtat) which goes from main bus station, with stops near the Atlant Center, or Dubrovnik Cable Car station. And, of course, enjoy this picturesque city! We did it as well, taking a ‘photo walk’ – these photos will convince you to visit the town too!