Conde Nast Traveller Recommends Lopud and Mljet

Conde Nast Traveller is one of the world’s leading travel publications offering tips and advice to the discerning traveller. An article titled ‘The best-kept secrets in Croatia’ on their site recommends the most picturesque places to visit in Croatia in the autumn and what to experience. Two of Dubrovnik’s stunning islands find themselves on the list, quite impressive given that there are only five destiations listed.

Lopud island comes recommended for ‘escapism on Dubrovnik’s doorstep’. The piece advises, ”Car-free, certainly carefree, this tiny island – less than five kilometres square and just 200 residents – ticks every box for Brits seeking the simple life: there’s just a villagey harbour the colour of old ivory, faded aristos’ mansions among the cyprus and palm trees, and little to do except read in the warm autumn sun or explore dusty paths, plucking handfuls of wild figs as you go.”

Mljet island, long a favourite for those who enjoy the outdoors, is recommended for an October trip in the article, ”October is the Goldilocks month for Mljet: with seven hours’ sunshine a day and temperatures averaging 20˚C, neither too hot nor too cold but just right for walking, on an island that the World Wide Fund for Nature names among the last paradises in the Mediterranean.”

We couldn’t agree more, find yourself a cheap flight and come and experience for yourself!