Cool Project: Meet the School That Now Has its Own Wind Generator and Solar Panels

Economic and Technical School of Dubrovnik is, by all means, a very special and creative school! Their students showed us today sometning really thrilling – their own reusable sources of energy.

Students and teachers mounted the  system themselves, on the roof of the school – one wind generator with 1kW and some solar panels with 1kw as well.

Inside the school they have a system that collects the energy and this way they’re partly separated from the ‘Hrvatska elektroprivreda’, national power company in Croatia, producing their own energy.

As the principal of the school, mr. Dinko Mandić, and professor of the engineering and practical training mr. Željko Prce told us, each student participated in the program, which will, they hope, become the demo project and in some time will supply the school with the energy needed.

The best part of the story is that they use it to power the school computers! What an amazing job and great story that follows the global trends and surely is an great example of combining knowledge and practice in one.