Croatia At The Crossroads Conferece

London will play host to a two day international archeological conference titled ‘Croatia at the Crossroads’ on June 24th. The conference will look at the ten year archeological research at Nakovana. The aim of the conference is to explore the connections of ‘Croatia’ with neighbouring peoples and cultures, as well as more distant links, from the earliest times up to the medieval period.

The Nakovana site, located on the peninsula of Pelješac, will be one of several projects in Croatia presented by 24 archeologists at the gathering. The audience will include senior archaeologists from UK institutions; all of these will have interests and connections with the area and the subject. It is hoped that the conference will reinforce contacts and will help to shape on-going and future research projects.

Research at Nakovana has found evidence suggesting that some of the earliest farmers in Europe lived there. Fine dishes and ceramic pots were found in the Spila cave whose entrance was concealed for years by rocks. It is believed that the cave is the only explored and preserved Illyric shrine. To find out more about Nakovana, visit the website.

The conference will be held at Europe House, more information can be found on the website here.