Croatia Heartful Center Platform: Dubrovnik Meets Japan

The First in a Series of Virtual Tours - The Presentation of Dubrovnik on the Japanese Market, Was Held on April 9

Organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the Japanese Croatia Heartful Center platform, the first in a series of virtual tours, ie the presentation of Dubrovnik on the Japanese market, was held on April 9.

The Heartful Live program is a virtual tour for tourists that has been held regularly since October 2020 and Dubrovnik was already presented in November 2020, after which cooperation was agreed with one of the two largest Japanese travel agencies, H.I.S..

One of the projects is the World Tour, which will present various attractive world destinations, such as Dubrovnik. Our beautiful city market the opening and the end off this programme, gaining in importance as the most attractive destination.

Our local guide Lidija Begić, hired by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, showed the Japanese participants the beauty of our city on this project via virtual tour.

In the first part of the programme, the guide Lidija Begić took the Japanese agents on a walk through the Old Town and showed them the Rector’s Palace, the Cathedral, the Bell Tower, the Sponza Palace and Stradun. At the end of the programme, the live broadcast was held on the City Walls and all the participants had the opportunity to see the most magical view.

As part of this collab – Croatia Heartful Center, H.I.S. and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board – two more World Tour virtual tours will be organized on May 7 and June 11 with the live broadcast from Srđ, above Dubrovnik. A 90-minute virtual tour will be organized in early July, which will be entirely dedicated to Dubrovnik.

The Japanese market is one of the most active Asian markets and many Japanese tourists travel the world discovering new destinations. The Covid-19 pandemic has stopped travel abroad all over the world, including Japan. But, as the rules are adapting to freer movement all over the world, we can expect to see Japanese tourists in Dubrovnik and Croatia in the summer / autumn.