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Croatian City Stories: Dubrovnik’s History and Culture, Rebranded

Croatian City Stories – Dubrovnik souvenir collection is offering a fresh and interesting view of an old story (story of Dubrovnik culture and history). CCSD souvenir collection is made of practical tote bags – which can be used in everyday life, special UV on plexiglas magnets, beautiful bookmarks and illustrated playing cards containing interesting facts about Dubrovnik history and culture.

ccstories kristina mirosevic


This is a distinctive local souvenir resulting from long research and planning which offers an unconventional summary of facts about the Republic of Ragusa and the City of Dubrovnik.

By using playing cards and other souvenirs based on the explored motifs, the concept offers an original Croatian (Dubrovnik) story. The well-known figures and motifs of the history of Dubrovnik have thus replaced the standard face cards and suits of traditional (French) playing cards:
the Rector has substituted the King,
the Lady in a Sedan Chair replaces the Queen
and the Nobleman represents a Jack.

ccstories kristina mirosevic 2

Instead of the spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds, there are the details of Dubrovnik architecture and jewellery (Peružina necklace beads, Heart-shaped pendant, Dominican monastery rosettes.)

ccstories kristina mirosevic 3

Laus typography has been created for the project, inspired by the 15th c. Renaissance manuscript pattern intended for the inscriptions on the Rector’s Palace and Great Onofrio Fountain.