Culture Club Revelin: Full of Adrenaline and Ready to Reopen

One of the most famous Dubrovnik night clubs, Culture Club Revelin, finally reopens this weekend.

Everyone eager to have a good time will be able to party on Friday, March 25, until 2 a.m. All those interested can enjoy free entry to the ‘Clubbing night’ all evening which will be filled with countless music hits. For those who arrive by midnight, the entire offer will be reduced by up to 50 percent. An all-inclusive ‘Trash party’ will also be organized the day after, on Saturday.

„We have been looking forward to returning to normal. We are really excited and full of adrenaline. It feels like a new beginning, “said Anamarija Franković, from the club’s PR & event management, for DuList.

Everyone attending the parties on Friday and Saturday will have to have a COVID certificate, but those without it will be able to get tested at the entrance.