David Needs Our Help! Have You Seen This Wedding Ring?

‘I lost my weeding ring in the Hotel Argosy in Dubrovnik this morning. It’s a small golden ring getting man size with an inscription inside saying ‘ROCIO SIEMPRE CONTIGO 5-7-2014’, says our reader David Martin, writing to Just Dubrovnik yeterday.

Let’s help him find the ring! If you see a ring, please contact with David, 0034678797379. He offers a high reward for it. Thank you!

As you can imagine, it has an great sentimental value, so if you find it please contact with David.

David is currently in Dubrovnik, with his company based in Germany that decided to do a retirement trip in Dubrovnik.

‘We also took some time in the city the last 2 days for enjoying the amazing landscape, we rented Tirena Galleon for going around the city and enjoyed Eurocup start, but this morning during breakfast I noticed that my wedding ring wasn’t there, so I run to the room, but it wasn’t there. now my wife told me literally to stay in Croatia as much as it’s needed to find my ring, I need It if I want to come back home and have a wife’, writes David in an e-mail yesterday.

The inscription meaning is ‘Rocio always with you’ and the date of the wedding (2 years ago).

David and his wife met in high school so they’ve been together for 14 years so far.

‘I’m 32, she’s 29, our wedding was the dream of our lives and that ring is an essential part of my life with her’ says David. Is there a better reason to help him find the ring?

If you see the ring, please contact David or Just Dubrovnik:

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