Detour opened festival ‘Stars beneath the stars’

In the gardens of Dubrovnik Grand Villa Argentina, music group Detour held a concert yesterday. With music performance, they opened the program ‘Stars Beneath the Stars’ which the Adriatic Luxury Hotels organizes the eleventh year in a row.

Adriatic Luxury Hotels’ private music festival ‘Stars beneath the Stars’ is a tempting prospect: each year (11th this year!), hotels including the stunning hotels Excelsior, Grand Villa Argentina and Dubrovnik Palace turn their beaches, poolside terraces and gardens into open-air venues where guests can enjoy live music from some of Croatia’s greatest. Numerous prominent contemporary Croatian and international musicians have performed with the program, and this year’s line-up is equally impressive, with Detour playing the opening night, ex-Yu legends Parni Valjak the closing and some truly fabulous acts in between.

Tune into summer with:
10.07. Klapa Kampanel – Palm Terrace, Hotel Excelsior
17.07. Tedi Spalato – Vala Beach Club, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
28.07. Jelena Radan – Gardens of Grand Villa Argentina
02.08. Natali Dizdar – Palm Terrace, Hotel Excelsior
01.09. Parni Valjak – Vala Beach Club, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Ticket prices:

Klapa Kampanel – The price of the concert, including dinner and welcome drink, is 370 kuna per person
Other performers – The price for the concert, including welcome drink, is 150 kuna per person.